liangshan county special auto industry development symposium held in liangshan cimc dongyue company
column:industry news time:2018-11-14
on october 29th, the special symposium on the development of special automobile industry in liangshan county was held in the conference room on the second floor of cimc dongyue company.

         on october 29th, the special symposium on the development of special automobile industry in liangshan county was held in the conference room on the second floor of cimc dongyue company. the county leaders jia zhizhi and li soldiers led the county special automobile industry office, industry and commerce, quality inspection, letter and related the person in charge of the bank attended the meeting, and more than 50 people in charge of the trailer enterprises in our county attended the meeting.
        the meeting was presided over by kong lingjin, director of the county government office. wang huaizheng, director of the liangshan county special purpose vehicle industry office, first analyzed and explained the current situation and situation of the special vehicles in our county this year. liu xianyun, the deputy general manager of our company, gave a brief introduction on the situation of taking the team to participate in the hanover car exhibition in germany. the general manager of the company, yue zengcai, made a typical speech at the meeting. he closely combined with the actual situation of the special-purpose car industry and clearly put forward the development goals of the company next year. it is said that it is necessary to actively seek space, seize opportunities, further integrate information and resources, strengthen cooperation and exchanges with various enterprises, and strive to unite more than 10 special-purpose vehicle production enterprises, take the road of development of the group, and follow the path of standard operation and promote the second take-off of the county-specific automobile industry.
        jia zhisheng, deputy secretary of the county party committee and county magistrate, made an important speech at the meeting. he spoke highly of dongyue’s work ideas and development goals, and affirmed the achievements of the company in striving for the mayor’s quality award and the provincial quality award. achievements require all enterprises to focus on the long-term. they must have the determination to build a century-old enterprise and create a century-old brand. we must put innovation first, pay attention to technological innovation and technological innovation, continuously research and develop new products that adapt to the market, and further improve technology. renovation, upgrading equipment level, relying on product quality, corporate reputation, and own strength to win the market. it is necessary to regard 2015 as the special automobile industry innovation year and technology reform year, encourage enterprises to grasp technological innovation, grasp technological transformation, do a good job in internal management, and pay attention to talent introduction and training. we must further support the development of the industry, do a solid industrial foundation, provide factor protection, actively create a good development environment for the special automobile industry, and carry out brand-building and quality-building activities in the whole industry, making the brand, production name and excellent , special, new products, to create a high-quality special-purpose vehicle production base, truly make the liangshan special-purpose automobile industry bigger and stronger.
        at the meeting, li, the deputy head of the county and the director of the county finance bureau, put forward specific requirements for promoting the development of the special automobile industry. the representatives of the participating enterprises and the heads of the county departments also made statements respectively.