my 2014 summary
column:employee platform time:2018-11-14
time flies, and the year is coming to an end. it seems that there is always something to say at the end of each year, and this year is no exception.

time flies, and the year is coming to an end. it seems that there is always something to say at the end of each year, and this year is no exception.

since the establishment of the tanker business unit, i have also moved to the mastercard factory area along with the production line. as for the job function, there has not been much change, and i am still responsible for the evaluation and release of the tanker contract price.

looking back at this independent work, i still feel a lot of feelings. when the work is not separated, i always feel like a bird who has been living under the safety wing. the daily work is responsible for the initial review of the price and configuration of the signed contract, plus some cumbersome report statistics, but ultimately yan lijie gave the final check. the feeling of being a queen will always make me feel that work is very easy, so i will be worried when i receive a job that i want to transfer to the tanker business unit. what i am worried about is not whether i can take up the work of nuclear price. but if i encounter some unexpected incidents in the course of work, who should i look for and negotiate?

the initial relocation of the post is only the initial accounting and after-sales service, the departure staff temporarily stay in the original office. because the production line is in the same plant area, and the post personnel are incomplete, some coordination work in the production process will have to be re-adapted. during that time, i really exercised. when a customer came to the factory to look at the car, i had to change from a back office account to a "guide shopping" role, and lead the customer to the shop floor and the parking lot to see the car. through on-the-spot learning with workshop colleagues and quality inspectors, i have gained a better understanding of the exterior parts of tank cars. if some order vehicles are in the process of changing the production process, i need to repeatedly communicate with the business manager, confirm, and issue a contract change notice change. at the end of the year, i also participated in the accounting and pricing of existing and new models, plus a training course for powder cans, liquid tank parts and structure for the office staff, which has improved my professional knowledge. not a small help.

in 2014, with the support and help of company leaders and colleagues, i quickly adapted to my current position. summarizing the work of the year, despite some progress and growth, there are still some shortcomings in some aspects. for example, in terms of professional knowledge, it is not very refined, and it is still necessary to continue to study hard in the future work. in the coming new year, i will study harder, enrich my post common sense, and strive to be a qualified "automobile industry person."