dong yue complex of a regular employee
column:employee platform time:2018-11-14
in the liangshan cimc dongyue company trailer division, he is an extremely ordinary employee, because he does not have lingyun's ambitions, and can't say anything rhetoric. in his heart, he is almost all the trivial things in his work.

in the liangshan cimc dongyue company trailer division, he is an extremely ordinary employee, because he does not have lingyun's ambitions, and can't say anything rhetoric. in his heart, he is almost all the trivial things in his work. all thoughts and thoughts are all about how to complete the production tasks delivered by the workshop leaders. under the new situation that the company's current orders are increasing and the company's production and sales are booming, he uses his own practical actions to interpret what is dedicated, responsible and responsible.

his name is gao fanjian and he is now the chief of the assembly workshop of the trailer business unit.

    he is down to earth, hardworking and eager to learn because he loves the job.

gao fanjian joined the work in 1999. for more than ten years, he has always been a company, based on his position, cherishing the platform, facing new work and environment, he is down-to-earth, diligent and eager to learn, almost all the stations in the team, he basically can be skilled. when the team was just on the tractor, no one would open it. he volunteered to explore the study in his spare time without affecting his work. he quickly mastered the operation essentials and successfully obtained the special operation permit. become a famous "all-rounder" in the team.

over the years, gao fanjian has worked in group tires, group bridges, anqiao, and forklift trucks. however, he has always been the same as a worker or a squad leader. he has worked hard, has no regrets, and has worked hard.

    he set an example and took the lead because he loved the team.

in 2009, gao fanjian, who was only 27 years old, was appointed as the chief of the assembly department of the trailer business department. at that time, the youngest section manager managed the company's largest process. the section includes four classes of semi-trailer tires, axles, electric roads and traction units, with nearly 60 employees.

as a leading geese, he leads by example and takes the lead. he often said: as a section chief, you should pay more, you must always think about employees, create more rest opportunities and a better working environment for employees. whenever there is an employee leave in the section and the staff can't deploy it, he always tops it without a word. especially since the spring of this year, the company's orders have been increasing, the workload is increasing, and the personnel are unprecedentedly nervous. on one occasion, there was a temporary employee in the class, and no one could top it. he did not say anything. after finishing the work on duty, he plunged into the bottom of the car and changed the lever of 10 cars in one breath.

the action is a silent language. under his leadership, the team is dedicated to love, and it is more common than learning to help. zhang shantao, a packaged employee, and his son went to jinan to see a doctor, but it does not affect production. as a father, he did not ask for a day. false. after the spring festival this year, the staff of the team, liu haizhen and yue juchen, went to singapore to carry out after-sales service in accordance with the requirements of the company, and worked hard to overcome the difficulties of the local environment and life, without any current orders and heavy production tasks. resentful no regrets, fighting for a month, successfully completed the installation and maintenance of the export terminal car.  

    he does not pay, selfless dedication because he loves this business


the final assembly workshop is the last process of the entire trailer assembly line. more than 40 vehicles per day, such as special vehicles, assembly vehicles and dump trucks, must be taken off the assembly line every day. the workload can be imagined. but for gao fanjian: to treat the company's affairs as its own business, it is also full and happy.

every day, he always came to the workshop first, carefully arranged to coordinate the day's work; every day he was the last to leave the workshop, and checked the electrical equipment of each station one by one before leaving. once, he was in a hurry to go to work and hurry to forget the key at home. in desperation, he had to go back to the wall. although he didn’t delay to go to work, his leg limped because of the wall. a few days. gao fanjian has been away from home for nearly 20 miles. over the years, he has gone home because of his work in the workshop. he even said that he himself did not know, especially in the recent workshop, he opened a night shift. in the first few days, he followed every day. at 10 o'clock in the evening, and the next day, he came to the workshop to work on time.

as a grassroots manager, he is always full of enthusiasm, dedication to work, but he is deeply embarrassed about the family. in the memory of employees, as long as they are in the workshop, they can almost see his busy figure. before the spring festival this year, his two daughters and his wife had a cold and fever. for a few days, his wife took the disease to lead her daughter to infusion. he didn’t ask for a day off. even if there is anything in the family and friends, he can’t push it. he only asks for a half-day vacation, often rushing to rush, and then rushing in.

some people don't understand this, but gao fanjian said, i love my position and team. all my efforts are to make the company grow and let all our employees live a good life.

his hard work has been well received by the workshop leaders and employees. since he joined the company, he has been rated as a high-performance employee of the company. his work section was named "excellent" in 2013. the section, in the company's monthly 3s evaluation this year, won the first place twice.