cimc dongyue held the 2014 lean one management work summary meeting
column:company news time:2018-11-14
on the morning of january 23, 2015, the 2014 cimc dongyue lean one management work summary meeting was held in the conference room of the mastercard factory.

 on the morning of january 23, 2015, the 2014 cimc dongyue lean one management work summary meeting was held in the conference room of the mastercard factory. director of the company's security committee, mr. yue zengcai, deputy director of the security committee, liu xianyun, deputy general manager, deputy general manager wang shiwei, and various department managers and security, tpm and other relevant promoters attended the meeting.
     first of all, the safety department of the corporate management department reviewed and summarized the company's safety management work in 2014. in 2014, the company's overall safety performance developed steadily and the safety performance reached the best level in the past five years. in the whole year, the company did not have any accidents related to safety production such as minor injuries. all the safety accidents were achieved. the accident rate of minor injuries was reduced by 0.05‰ compared with the same period of last year. the accident rate of minor injuries of the group was 14.71‰, and the number of important dangerous sources was year-on-year. reduced by 26%. the company has made progress in the aspects of perfecting the safety system, improving the intrinsic safety, and building safety culture. among them, a series of themed activities such as safety “100”, “sense of leadership” and “safe production month” have been widely carried out. , get a positive response. the safety management work passed the group's “bronze” level verification.
     subsequently, the enterprise management department also summarized the promotion work of the company's tpm system. this year, the company introduced and promoted the management of tpm (equipment self-protection). through extensive activities such as employee self-protection training, tpm star selection and cadre charter management, the enthusiasm of employees to participate in equipment preservation has been greatly improved, the utilization rate and service life of equipment have been improved, and the equipment site has been improved. in its own 3s situation, it achieved good results and results. after only one year of promotion work, it successfully passed the group tpm qualified level certification.
     at the meeting, the enterprise management department also made a brief summary of environmental protection, occupational health, and related party safety management.
     the general manager of the company's security committee, mr. yue zengcai, gave a summary instruction to the meeting. mr. yue expressed his approval for the achievements of one management workers, and expressed his gratitude to all colleagues who were directly or indirectly responsible for one promotion work in 2014, supported one work, and worked hard. without the active participation and hard work of everyone, our one management work will not achieve such good results.
      mr. yue asked for work in 2015:
     1. in terms of the company's on-site safety hazards, the company's workshops, power distribution rooms, living areas, and office areas all have aging phenomena. these are invisible places. once they are touched, there will be major safety accidents. all departments and workshops must attach great importance to these invisible hidden danger points, actively investigate and seriously rectify.
     2. after the new year, there will be a lot of new employees. for the safety hazards of the workshop, we must strengthen safety training and education for new employees, and pay special attention to the safety production work during the peak season after the spring festival in april and may.
     3. it is also necessary to strengthen the training of workers who are in contact with the “four new” to prevent the use of good equipment and wear and tear. in this way, there is a great security risk in the use of tampering equipment, and it must be strictly controlled in the future.
     4. afterwards, the two business divisions should check each other for on-site issues, and check each other in an informal and unrecognized time. just like the group's flight inspection, they point out problems to each other, so as to enhance on-site improvement and safety and the promotion of various tasks.
     5. for environmental protection work and occupational health work, all departments must conscientiously implement the new laws and regulations such as the new safety law and the new environmental protection law, in accordance with the requirements of relevant national laws and regulations, and implement them without compromise, and do their utmost to create a staff safe, comfortable and healthy work and living environment.
     finally, mr. yue hopes that everyone will work harder and more conscientious and responsible work this year, and raise the safety, tpm and other work to a new level, so that cimc dongyue will become a safe enterprise, a healthy enterprise, a harmonious enterprise and a happy enterprise.