sales service

sales service

domestic market

cimc dongyue has always been committed to "providing cost-effective equipment and services for expert customers". the sales team of 80 people and more than 50 distribution outlets cover 4 municipalities in the country and 170 sales areas in 24 provinces. there are 1 cimc dongyue sales staff in 4 prefecture-level cities, and a strong sales network provides customers with face-to-face and one-stop sales consulting services.

international market

  as a member of a global company, adhering to the glorious mission of cimc to “improve the power of the world”, cimc dongyue actively explores the international market. after years of efforts, cimc dongyue is in the russian far east, southeast asia and africa. there are several business partners with sales and maintenance networks in moscow, novosibirsk, aberdeen, haba, vladivostok, congo, sudan, vietnam and singapore to meet the needs of customers in russia, southeast asia and africa to export automotive products. comprehensive requirements for after-sales service and parts supply. international market

  cimc dongyue always follows the service idea of “focusing on customers and keeping customers satisfied”. through passionate, prompt response and efficient processing, we strive to create quality service. the company has established 68 after-sales service stations in china to implement the “24-hour hotline service” system. after receiving the customer information, our technical service personnel responded promptly, gave technical guidance within 8 hours, arrived at the scene within 24 hours within the province, arrived at the scene within 48 hours outside the province, and arrived at the scene in the remote area for 72 hours.