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welder, general worker
job requirements
1. age 18-42 years old, male or female, junior high school or above;
2. compliance with laws and regulations, decent style, no bad records, good health;
3. those with relevant work experience are preferred.
compensation and benefits

1. provide free dormitory and provide subsidies for meals;
2. pay social insurance;
3. piece-rate wages, more work and more.

mechanical college student

proposed training position: mechanical engineer, business manager

job requirements
1. regular colleges and universities related to mechanical education, hard work, willing to engage in first-line production work, can withstand greater work pressure;
2. familiar with mechanical principles; familiar with mechanical processing technology; proficient in computer-aided design;
3. skilled in using design related software autocad; solidworks; photoshop and other common software;
4. serious and responsible work, rigorous and meticulous, with good initiative, communication and coordination, good innovation and team spirit.

compensation and benefits
1. mechanical engineer's undergraduate apprenticeship period is more than 2,000 yuan, master's apprenticeship period is more than 3,000 yuan, foreign trade sales manager's apprenticeship period is 1,600 yuan; basic salary + performance salary after transfer.
2. entering a labor contract and paying three risks; the company has a canteen and subsidies for meals, providing free accommodation; there are staff clubs, basketball courts and other entertainment facilities, staff lounges, bathrooms and other related living facilities.

deputy manager of technical department
job responsibilities

1. formulate the company's technology development plan;
2. responsible for the company's product development, structural improvement and technical review and production services;
3. implement the design, development and planning of the product according to the requirements of the user;
4. responsible for the specific implementation of the company's various project declarations;
5. organize the preparation and approval of the company's corporate standards;
6. collection and management of company technical data.

1. bachelor degree or above, with excellent technical achievements, can be relaxed to junior college, mechanical manufacturing or automotive related majors, aged 35-45 years old;
2, with more than 10 years of mechanical manufacturing technology research and development work experience, more than 5 years of technical management experience, senior engineer title is preferred;
3. proficient in the technical skills and industry standards of machinery manufacturing or related industries;
4. have an agile market risk decision-making thinking;
5. have the corresponding knowledge of enterprise management and quality management.


the annual salary is more than 150,000 yuan, and the position of outstanding personnel and annual salary can be negotiable.

job responsibilities
1. responsible for the design and production service of a special-purpose vehicle product;
2. propose solutions according to different needs, complete the overall design of the product, and determine the production process;
3. participate in product development and structural improvement, and be responsible for the report and parameter preparation of the new product declaration model;
4. provide timely technical services for the products it manages, and be responsible for solving the technical problems in the production process in a timely manner.

1. college degree or above, major in mechanical engineering or automotive, age 30-40 years old;
2, with more than 5 years of special vehicle design experience, proficient in the technical parameters of a certain type of special car products and can independently complete the product design work, with no longitudinal beam car, front goose neck detachable lifting mechanism model design experience is preferred hire
3. familiar with the special vehicle industry standards and process skills;
4, skilled in the use of two-dimensional, three-dimensional graphics software, and office software.

remuneration package
the annual salary is 6-15 million yuan. for special vehicle models such as skeleton car, no-pillar van, and front goose neck detachable lifting mechanism models, technical project support can be provided. short-term or part-time work can also be provided. the project funds are negotiable.

deputy manager of sales
job responsibilities
1.responsible for formulating marketing policies, planning marketing plans and leading implementation;
2. formulate the company's annual marketing plan, plan and determine the annual marketing plan and business policy according to the marketing plan;
3. construction marketing team and marketing system;
4. responsible for the management of customers and customers;
5. responsible for market research, forecasting and analysis, timely control of market trends, and suggestions for research and development;
6. responsible for after-sales service and do a good job in customer relationship management and maintenance.


1. college degree or above, major in economics, marketing or management;
2, more than 10 years of sales experience, more than 5 years of sales management experience, with special vehicle marketing management experience preferred;
3. can independently undertake and lead the team to complete the company's marketing work requirements;
4. master the knowledge of human resource management, enterprise management, and financial management;
5. familiar with national laws and regulations on product quality, consumer protection, economy, contracts, etc.;
6, with agile market risk decision-making and extended thinking.

the annual salary is more than 150,000 yuan, and the position of outstanding personnel and annual salary can be negotiable.